Who’s taking part in the Motor Zone?

Let’s meet the engineers and schools taking part…

The Engineers

Sarah Hunt | Rolls-Royce PLC

I design parts for aeroplane engines and model them to calculate how long they will last in an engine – they are made from really special materials called ‘single crystals’.

Masha Folk | Cambridge University

I try to make jet engines eat less fuel by making the turbine inside work better.

Mark Catherall | Canopy Simulations

I simulate Formula 1 cars so that we can predict what the best design and setup will be for each race.

Dominique Anderson | Science Technology Facilities Council

Making motors move with software.

Andrei Ilie | Jaguar Land Rover

I make sure that cars can be put together from lots of tiny parts and write the instructions needed to do that; its kind of like putting Lego together.

The Schools

  • Arbroath Academy, Arbroath
  • Arbroath High School, Arbroath
  • Bebington High Sports College, Merseyside
  • Herne Bay High School, Kent
  • Horbury Academy, Yorkshire
  • Howell’s School, Cardiff
  • Loreto Grammar School, Cheshire
  • Notre Dame High School, Glasgow
  • Oxford High School GDST, Oxfordshire
  • St Paul’s Academy, London
  • Standish Community High School, Lancashire
  • Stockley Academy, Hillingdon
  • Surrey Square Primary School, London
  • The Cornelius Vermuyden School, Essex
  • The Ridgeway School & Sixth Form College, Wiltshire
  • Woodchurch High School, Merseyside

This zone is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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