• Question: What do you find interesting in your job? Also what do you enjoy the most? And are you proud of what you have become in life ?

    Asked by Anjie to Andrei, Dominique, Leon, Mark, Masha, Sarah on 11 Nov 2016. This question was also asked by Sim, IzzyK, 486mtrg45.
    • Photo: Masha Folk

      Masha Folk answered on 11 Nov 2016:

      My favorite thing about being an engineer is that often times, there isn’t an obvious answer to the question and you get to be really creative to solve a problem. I think of it like a mystery game where you have to use clues to solve a puzzle. Sometimes the puzzle can only be solved by making really cool experiments and testing things. Like if I had a propeller with six blades instead of four, would it make the wind turbine spin faster (because there are more working surfaces) or slower (because there’s added weight)? Other times the puzzle can be solved by reading historic papers or talking to people on different sides of the world to get a different perspective. And yes, I am very proud to be an engineer because I see it as a way for me to have a positive contribution to the world. The more efficient I can make a jet engine, the less fuel it will consume and less carbon and soot and other bad stuff it will emit. That way I can help make the world a cleaner place 🙂

    • Photo: Sarah Hunt

      Sarah Hunt answered on 14 Nov 2016:

      I find the practical application interesting – I get to see what I’m working on and ideas in my head turn into real life! When I walk down the street to the shops with my Rolls-Royce shirt on, I do feel proud. Everyone know’s the name Rolls-Royce and associates it with high quality work. It’s very rewarding to know that I’m making a difference to new technology in jet engine design.

    • Photo: Mark Catherall

      Mark Catherall answered on 15 Nov 2016:

      I find it interesting doing the technical side of work, but even more interesting talking to other people and seeing how they think about things.

      I don’t know if proud is the right word – I’ve benefitted from some amazing opportunities and advantages, so I think I feel more lucky than proud. I’m definitely pleased with myself though!